More on our Moving Road Trip: end of week 1

A much delayed post, I think it's time to finish up my blogs on our moving... because it's now September and we have had many OTHER adventures, in addition to the moving, in the last few months. So, here we GO:
  In Little Rock, we stayed at a FABULOUS Bed and Breakfast (can't locate those pics right now though, so more on that and that evening's activities and the trolly ride there later).
  Then we continued on to Dallas, where we found TEXAS shaped waffles at breakfast. SO fun. I really enjoy waffles, and would totally use a waffle maker that made some states (IN, SC, TX, HI...) Do they make a Gamecock shaped waffle maker?

  Our plan for Friday, March 21, was to explore Dallas and Fort Worth! There is a scuba park near-ish there, but it didn't work out for Eric to dive there this trip. So we went to Ikea, a first for Eric! I did not care for traffic/construction in Dallas, especially when following with two cars. Friday evening, we had tickets to the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra at Bass Performance Hall, and then we stayed at the Navy Lodge.
 A beautiful site, IKEA!

  Friday evening, we went a little early for the Symphony. (new town for us, parking, etc.) We ate some dinner at Mexican place. Before and after the musical performance, we walked around Fort Worth a bit. We really liked Fort Worth. It seemed to be a bustling, growing, lively, fun city.

  Fort Worth has a large open patio with water fountains right down town. SO fun.

   Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, TX:

   Going to the symphony orchestra was one of "my picks" for this trip. I chose Fort Worth because they actually have a great musical program AND reasonably priced tickets. We sat up in the middle balcony. This was the first time Eric and I attended a symphony together. THIS was our view:

  Oh yeah, we can take a "couplie" (selfie but with a couple - you saw it here first!) while we wait for the performance to begin.  I love the symphony! I miss playing the violin regularly.

    At Intermission, we walked outside from an upper level to check out the Fort Worth city at night.

   Good music and better company!

  There was a special guest who played the digdierdoo. He was REALLY good. It was an interesting sound to the "regular" symphonic instruments.

  Downtown Fort Worth, after the symphony. They had Christmas lights up - were they "late" taking them down or "early" putting them up again?

   Eric wanted me to "check his height" against this sign - it shows clearance of 6'10'' and we know he is 6'9". However, I just wanted a shot of his fancy new (long story) shirt and the sweet and handsome man in it. Tee he he.
 Then it was back to the Navy Lodge, which was really nice! This was the kitchen area:

  We had two queen sized beds, as well. Mind you, we didn't yet know what our accommodations would be like (yet) once we got to El Paso - but we were hoping they would be this nice.

  The hotel reminded us we were in Texas, with stars and boots and whatnot.

  The plan for Saturday was to explore a bit more of Fort Worth, as in the Stockyards and maybe see a "real" cattle drive. Then we had arranged to stay with my father's cousin, John, and his family. They live in Fort Worth and offered us their hospitality. He is a pastor, so I knew we would hear a good sermon that Sunday, as well.
  We took our time getting to the Stockyards. Hey, this was Eric's "vacation", right. I wasn't feeling too well Saturday, so it was nice to not be driving as much in the car. When we first got to the Stockyards, we found these beautiful tulips (some of our fav.) in bloom. Hooray!
 The Stockyards have some old buildings and a ton of history for that area and Texas. It was very interesting, despite the "touristy stuff."
  We found this "Texas Rattlesnake Recipe"... where oh where were we moving?

  Stockyard buildings & structures:

   We wandered around exploring a bit. We got some lunch and later some ice cream. Then I looked out the back window of a little shop - and we walked out to a little walkway to see water!

We walked around a bit. 

 Why yes, I will kiss a Cutie on our walk!

   It was a lovely little area, a delightful surprise. We then went back out to the main street, where we spotted a "cattle crossing" sign. Fun.

  Yes, there were MANY other people out, especially in the "market" area. Yup, time for another "couplie," too.

   I liked the brick and cobblestone streets and walkways.

  Finally, it was time for the Cattle Drive! They close up the street and here come the cows:

   The cattle followed directions well, but I thought many of them looked very sad. I did not like that.

  After the Cattle Drive, we found THIS little cutie off to the side. He really wanted to say hi and welcome us to Texas.

    Then it was off to John & Sharon's house, where they warmly welcomed us. They fed us good food (bbq) and even schooled us a bit in Eucher. It was so nice to see family again, and to be in an actual house (as opposed to hotels) during our move. They are a very sweet family, and even let us do some laundry. (We had been on the road a week.) SO thankful for these great friends/family and their kind hospitality.
   Sunday, we went to church where John preaches. Then we all (and their youngest son, who is in high school, joined us, too) went a really great Mexican restaurant for lunch. Then it was time to get back on the road for a bit, as we were driving on father west. We had been "warned" that Fort Worth would be the last part where we saw "green stuff"...
  Monday, March 24th, it was on to Abilene, TX. We wanted to see the downtown historic parts, and then drive on to Balmorehea, TX. Along the way, we also wanted to stop in Odesa, TX, mainly to see the "world's largest jackrabbit". There is also a Meteor Museum and some other things to see there, but we just wanted the BIG rabbit to be a little walking stop to break up the (fairly short) drive.
   In Abilene, TX, we stayed at a regular hotel that actually turned out to be pretty nice. I particularly liked the artwork, even in the bathroom:

 On the road, it was mainly desert view. Sometimes, we would see a patch of trees, like this:

  We did stop in Odessa. I wanted to see the Rabbit. Also, my sister had requested a picture of a sign from Odessa, TX, because she (and her family) used to live in Odessa, MN.

We found "the rabbit" downtown Odessa.

  When you see a rabbit (statue), what else is there to do but pose like him?
                                                                       Oh my, what BIG ears you have!

   Oh, and climb on him...  The rabbit makes Eric look not so tall. Or maybe Eric makes the Rabbit look bigger?                                     I couldn't resist a photo shot of THEIR cute little bunny tails...

             That silly rabbit even "photobombed" our couplie!

  Got the "Odessa" sign for my sister. Here I am, playing "Vanna Hannah"...

 We enjoyed getting out of the cars and stretching a bit. When else will we see a GIANT rabbit?

  This town is seriously proud of jackrabbits. We spotted a few other ones, as well. This one was smaller, maybe 1/3 of the size of THE big rabbit, but it was painted nicely.

   We visited City Hall to find a public bathroom, and then asked the employees there where a good (close, cheap, delicious) place for lunch would be. Someone suggested a fast-food Mexican place. It was pretty good. I liked the tiled tables.

  Monday night, we stayed in Balmorhea, at the El oso Flojo Lodge. I knew that Balmorhea is only about 3 hours away from El Paso, but there was a reason I wanted to stop there... more on our adventures there in the next post. We were getting closer to our new home.

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